Victoria, BC – June 27, 2010 – RevenueWire recently introduced ID Vault to its product list for affiliates. ID Vault is a client-based software product specifically designed to provide the best security of personal information for consumers when they conduct their banking and shopping online.

ID Vault provides protection against existing, new and emerging threats by safeguarding the user’s credentials, automating the log in process, and delivering secure access to –password-protected web sites. ID Vault combines the benefits and ease-of-use of a password manager with multi-faceted 2 factor authentication security designed to protect online accounts.

ID Vault reduces exposure to online fraud through its end-to-end, continuous protection – regardless of whether or not the anti-virus software or browser is able to identify a threat.   ID Vault creates a secure chain from the PC to the website no matter what compromise may have occurred on the PC or the network.

Product Benefits:

  • Protects user’s online accounts from identity theft and fraud
  • Encrypts usernames and passwords securely on your PC
  • Creates a direct, fully secure connection to the user’s accounts
  • Enters password and credit card information without typing
  • ID Vault is now LIVE on the RevenueWire network and member affiliates will earn 50% commission per sale.

    “RevenueWire affiliates will be able to capitalize on a million dollar market opportunity with a product that effectively targets the identity theft niche. ID Vault serves this fast-growing market with an incredible array of powerful yet easy-to-use features. With its technologically advanced, user-friendly interface, and a range of promotional resources, ID Vault is a great addition to the network”, said Bobbi Leach, General Manager of RevenueWire.

    Pankaj Srivastava, SVP, Marketing, White Sky, Inc. said about its partnership with RevenueWire, ” Our agreement with Revenue Wire demonstrates the compelling value that ID Vault offers to anyone who banks and shops online. We have created the fastest, safest, and most convenient way for consumers to securely access online accounts and complete their transactions with complete confidence. With the explosion in online attacks on consumer identities, it only takes one lapse to incur a financial disaster.”

    About White Sky, Inc.
    White Sky, Inc., headquartered in San Mateo, CA, develops and markets ID Vault, the first Internet security solution that prevents online identity theft and fraud with enterprise-level two-factor authentication in a consumer friendly application.  ID Vault is available through major distribution partners and OEMs and is available for download at  Visit for more information.

    About RevenueWire
    Founded in 2007, RevenueWire entered the growing affiliate-fueled e-commerce arena as an exciting new platform for digital product merchants and affiliate marketers. RevenueWire’s payment processing system SafeCart™ – combined with highly accurate sales referral tracking and easy-to-use analytics tools – result in highly profitable digital product promotion and sales for affiliate marketers and digital merchants.

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