Victoria, BC – January 9, 2012 – AffiliateWire, a division of RevenueWire is excited to announce the launch of its third annual Live Dangerously Contest: Lethal Velocity. Built on the outstanding success of previous adventures, including an exhilarating jet fighter ride and real live shark diving in the Bahamas, this year’s Lethal Velocity contest promises to be the most electrifying contest yet.

For this year’s adventure, two winning affiliates and the top vote-getting industry blogger will win seats in the incredible 200MPH Challenge, where they will have the opportunity to shatter the 200 MPH barrier driving a selection of exotic supercars on an airstrip in the Mojave Desert.

Winners will be able to choose from a range of stunning road machines to try and reach the 200MPH mark, including a Ferrari GTB and Italia, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Mercedes McLaren SLR and Bentley Continental Supersports.

“Our Live Dangerously contests have proven to be exceedingly popular with affiliates. This year we’re thrilled to open it up to three winning seats, taking the competition from online to “on the road’ to see who can achieve that rarified speed of 200MPH in an exotic supercar. This contest is an unparalleled blend of pure class and relentless thrills for affiliates who love to live life in the fast lane,” said Sue Connors, Director of Business Development.

Here’s what one past contest winner said about his experience:

“It was absolutely insane, it was incredible, it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on… one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my entire life.”

You can sign up here to join AffiliateWire. Once you’ve signed up, you’re automatically eligible to participate in the Lethal Velocity contest. All you have to do is sell!

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