Integrations, Apps and Add-ons

  • Membership Software Integration Manage membership profiles, deliver digital content, send opt-in newsletters and integrate with your blog, forum or CMS.
  • Email Integration for Marketing Campaigns Seamless integration with your email service provider allows you to easily import customer contact information directly from your cart for your marketing campaigns. Create highly targeted messages based on past order history to help you better cross-sell, upsell, segment lists, recommend products, retain with effective lead generation, reward and convert your customers. Issue personalized shopping cart recovery emails in real-time.
  • Third-party Tracking Support Track cart activity from various traffic sources including online advertising. Configure tracking at the product level and place tracking codes on any step in the checkout process and/or on the receipt page. When buyers perform specific actions in the checkout process, send automatic notifications to Google Adwords, Bing Ads or other online advertising platforms and third-party tracking solutions. For instance, use the Google Analytics integration to view detailed reports on referral sources, customer demographics, traffic trends and more.
  • Event Notifications Receive notifications for all transaction types including sales, refunds, chargebacks and cancellations. Choose the method and format that matches your needs, including POST, GET and email.
  • Full List of Integrations and Add-ons Whether you need more automation, real-time data, added efficiency, or new channels, we have everything you need to make more money. All our third-party add-ons and integrations plug-in seamlessly to your existing operations. View Full List