Ecommerce Customer Service and Support

  • Flexible Refund Options Leverage user-friendly and flexible refund options. Choose from three types of refunds: (1) Full Refund, which refunds the entire order's purchase price; (2) Line Item Refund, which refunds the entire price of one order item; and (3) Partial Refund, which refunds a portion of the amount of one order item. When refunding an order, a notification is sent to the customer and you have the option to enter a return reason. If you're trying to figure out how to decrease chargebacks, while it's not ideal, making refunds as easy as possible will definitely help.
  • Customer Support Give your customers access to RevenueWire's team of friendly and professional support agents who can help with all transaction-related inquiries related to subscription billing through our platform. Worldwide billing support is provided through email and toll-free numbers (North America and U.K.).
  • Customer Order Lookup Provide your customers with the ability to look up their purchase history, print receipts, update payment information and manage subscriptions through the RevenueWire platform.
  • Dedicated Account Management - For You Get the most of out the platform with RevenueWire’s skilled team of account managers. The RevenueWire Commerce platform is easy to set up and use. But if you need help, our Merchant Support Team has in-depth knowledge of all the platform's many capabilities and will work closely with you on every aspect of your account to maximize your revenue. Our world-class customer support team has once again been recognized, this time at the leadership level in the Amity A List for Customer Success, early 2016.