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Reasons You'll Love RevenueWire

Just 4 Reasons You’ll Love RevenueWire

  • We work with you to maximize your revenue through optimizing your entire sales funnel and our ecosystem of performance marketing channels.

  • Built by performance marketers, we have the highest converting carts and templates and we have the top performance marketing network for digital products.

  • Our dedicated account management team is renowned for their collective ecommerce experience and expertise and for their responsiveness and quick timelines in getting clients up, running and transacting.

  • Your shopping cart is fully hosted, optimized and facilitates split-testing and supports 35 currencies, 24 languages and multiple payment options.

Proven experience as a world leader in the performance marketing space

  • Marketing Team of the Year, 2017
  • New Product or Service of the Year - 11-99 Employees, 2017
  • Product Management/ Development Department of the Year, 2017
  • Customer Service Department of the Year, 2017
  • Management Team of the Year, 2017
  • Product Development/ Management Team of the Year, 2017
  • Human Resources Department of the Year, 2017
  • Best New Product of the Year - Software - Lead Generation, 2017
  • Member of the Year, 2017
  • Leader of the Year, 2017
  • CEO Of The Year
  • mThink Blue Book Top 10, 2017

Our Core Values

  • Passion

    Engage and excel at what you do

  • Customer Driven

    Cultivate customer success

  • Integrity

    Do the right thing

  • Ingenuity

    Apply ideas to make it better

  • Teamwork

    Foster team spirit

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Your RevenueWire Leadership Team


Sue brings over 20 years experience in high technology, focused on online business development and marketing. Sue’s professional track record includes overseeing worldwide sales and a community of booksellers for, as well as spearheading online marketing in the luxury real estate sector.

Sue doesn’t have time for games. Or nicknames. She’s way too serious about living the high life. She’s passionate about sunning on the deck, hanging out with her awesome family and musing about going to the gym. She once braved parasailing in Mexico. Wonder Woman taught her everything she knows.


Trevor brings 15 years of international online and ecommerce experience to RevenueWire, having delivered pioneering large scale interactive projects for a large variety of partners in Asia, including Nokia, EA, CNET, MTV, DoubleClick and DBS, Southeast Asia’s largest bank.

Trevor is the definition of “still waters run deep.” His favorite website is RADIOLAB.ORG, where he reflects on the convergence of science, philosophy and the human experience. He’s partied on a helicopter-landing pad atop the tallest building in the world and he thinks Jason Bourne could kick your favorite superhero’s butt any day of the week.


William is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with over 20 years experience in large private and multi-national public corporations. In addition to financial reporting and management, William is also responsible for risk and payments in the global ecommerce market including the development of payment strategy, management of foreign exchange and online fraud prevention.

William is a budding amateur photographer with a keen eye for visual style. His infectious laugh is truly legendary. For fun, he likes to lace up his sneaks and hit the volleyball court; cruise the slopes with his skis or go for a 100km+ bike ride just for the heck of it. He definitely doesn’t believe in superheroes so don’t even ask.


Kim is a seasoned HR professional with 15 years strategic management experience within the high tech industry. Having worked with notable international telecom industry leaders, both private and publicly held, Kim has played a key role in growing and sustaining strong, healthy corporate environments.

Kim is a go-getter spirit. She likes to put the pedal to the metal and see what ambitious goals she can achieve. Power boating is her favorite sport–she has a need for speed! She’s gaga for travel, loves helping people out, but will readily admit to having a devilish side. Growing up, she loved the comic Archie and thought Veronica was the gal to be.


Jason has an appetite for building new businesses and disrupting old ones in the ecommerce space – and has been doing it for more than 20 years. Despite his extensive experience, Jason finds his current job the most interesting – taking a 30,000-foot view of the ecommerce landscape to identify opportunities to invest in, change and innovate. As the Director of Ideation, Jason knows moving at the pace of real-time isn’t fast enough and eagerly accepts the challenge of recognizing opportunities before they arrive.

Jason, whose friends call him “Cornchips,” hopes to one day travel to the Maldives. And whether it’s shredding fresh powder up on Mount Washington, hiking the local trails with his wife and two sons or hitting the Galloping Goose on his bike, Jason loves living the west coast lifestyle.


Samantha is responsible for RevenueWire’s network of affiliates as well as international expansion. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, having over 10 years of leadership experience in the affiliate marketing space and is well known as a veteran in the industry.

When Samantha isn’t working, she can usually be found unwinding at one of the many beautiful beaches of Vancouver Island with her family, playing tennis, training hard at bootcamp, or traveling the world while sampling exotic food along the way.


Greg brings over 15 years of IT experience to RevenueWire with a focus on systems design, development, deployment, support and management. He has spent a lot of time in mission critical environments, with uptime being his number one priority. One of his favorite projects entailed the reengineering of a 60,000 socket distributed grid AIX Chip design environment to be scaled to a 140 user Redhat distributed grid – if you understand what that means.

Greg loves a good adventure. He once conquered an 80km whitewater rafting trip from Ashcroft to Lytton, using paddle power only. When Greg isn’t working or adventuring, he is spending time with his beloved family, staying connected through LinkedIn and keeping up-to-date with the latest NHL scores. He also enjoys coaching and playing hockey with his kids. Greg’s favorite superhero is the Hulk because he has the ability to turn into a green monster and destroy stuff so watch out!

Adam Addlestone

Adam has been in the call center space since 2004. Prior to joining RevenueWire, he was the head of business development for a B2B call center that worked with clients such as Costco and HP. In his current role, Adam enjoys working with some of the most creative and interesting people in the industry. Best of all, he gets to develop solutions for them to make more money.

Adam is a true football fan. And by “football,” we mean “soccer.” He loves coaching, playing, and reading up on the latest Arsenal news. Adam has never been much of a superhero fan, but that’s probably because he’s pretty super himself. His favorite adventure was horseback riding through the jungles of the Dominican Republic. When Adam’s not kicking ball or exploring the wilderness, you can find him online looking for hilarious memes.


Nico brings over 10 years of experience across a range of disciplines from business development to project and professional services management. After graduating with a degree in International Relations, Nico worked as an independent negotiation consultant in his home country of Colombia. He then joined a Canadian company where he was responsible for the successful delivery of Enterprise IT Service Management solutions for a wide variety of clients worldwide, including CA Technologies, Qualcomm, the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago.

Nico is a natural born athlete. Snowboarding, mountain biking, sailing and hiking – he rocks them all. He’s sailed through the Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast and Desolation Sound, and even braved the rugged snowboarding outposts of BC’s backcountry. His insatiable thirst for adventure is one of the reasons he thrives in the fast-paced world of ecommerce.

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